Booting Error

  • Confirm whether the ISO file is bootable.
  • If your PC does not support multi LUN, please configure only one drive.
  • Confirm whether the ISO file is bootable.
  • Although it is bootable ISO file, please confirm whether the result with a real USB DVD-ROM is same.
  • Try with USB Y-CABLE for adding external power. (ioddMini is a class of BUS powered USB device.
  • If your laptop has own internal DVD-ROM, disable internal DVD-ROM at BIOS settings. or remove it.
  • The older OS than motherboard may not have an appropriate driver to boot.
    • ex) It is impossible to install a genuine Windows 7 on Skylake platform using USB DVD-ROM device.

There is no other way than initializing.


  • Initialize the drive with (wken:MBR) or (wken:GPT).
  • Format any partition to use with (NTFS | EXFAT | FAT32).

    In FAT32 partition, there is 4G byte file size limitation. please use that carefully.

    The Partition may not be first partition.

  • Copy files or folders to Iodd.
  • safely remove ioddMini. ( very Important if NTFS). (safely remove).
  • Reconnect Iodd.
  • If the screen is not matched what you copyed, Press 4 for 3 seconds.

    You can select the default partition.

No, It is absolutely impossible despite the manufacturer.

Update firmware.

  • Try one of the following steps.
  1. If you want to umount all drives, push 7 for 3 seconds.
  2. If you want to umount each one, Move up the cursor and Select corresponding drive.
  3. If you want to umount most recently selected, push 7 .

How to update

Requirements : PC ( Windows OS, USB Port)

Warning - You must connect only one IODD device.

Please update the exact firmware that matches IODD.

If you update wrong firmware, retry with correct firmware.

  1. Download the firmware file.
  2. Uncompress the zip file to proper folder.(Do not run it within zip file)
  3. Run the EXE file.
  4. If "Device is Detected" message appears, then press "Update" button.
    • If not, follow the steps below.
    • Use another computer.
    • Change the USB cable.
    • Press button 9 , and hold, and connect to PC. and Release the buttons. and run the firmware updater.
  5. If it is successful, then press "Exit" button. and reconnect IODD. and wait for 2-3 minutes.

Latest Firmware

Download latest Firmware

Infinite number of times, as the device is encrypted via military-standard AES256bit XTS technology.

In this sense, no. The IODD Mini has AES256bit XTS encryption technology. If all the existing PCs in the world were combined into one computing power, it would take 13,668,946,519,203,305,597,215,004,987,461,470,161,805,533,714,878,481 years to decrypt the password. That is 13.689 trillion trillion trillion trillion years.


The password itself is also AES256bit-XTS - encrypted.