What does virtual ODD/HDD mean

Why do I need a virtual drive?

A virtual drive is useful, for example, to install an additional operating system on it besides Windows 10. In addition, a virtual drive can also be used to run an ISO file on your computer, for example. Among other things, this can be an image of an operating system or even a DVD or CD.

The advantage of using such an ISO file and a virtual drive is that you do not need to take the detour via a DVD drive or a bootable USB stick. The direct access via your operating system can also shorten the loading times and thus ensure a smoother gameplay, for example.

Especially for laptops without a physical DVD drive, an ISO file also makes it possible to run programs from a data medium at all.

So you can either provide an ISO file for your purposes via the virtual ODD, which is needed to run or install various software (e.g. a Windows 10 installation image), or you tell the device, be a Virtual HDD (VHD) -> you are a hard disk - on you I want to install applications and run them via you (e.g. Windows to Go or Linux).

The following devices can be used as Virtual ODD/HDD.