IODD ST400 USB 3.0 External Encrypted Hard Drive Enclosure

119,00 €
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  • Up to a maximum of 4 bootable virtual drives
  • USB-C
  • AES256bit XTS encryption
  • Write protection
  • Compatible with Windows-to-go
  • Admin mode
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IODD ST400  USB 3.0 External Encrypted Hard Drive Enclosure
119,00 €
incl. 19% VAT , Free shipping to DE AT . shipping costs
  • Up to a maximum of 4 bootable virtual drives
  • USB-C
  • AES256bit XTS encryption
  • Write protection
  • Compatible with Windows-to-go
  • Admin mode

USB Type C

USB 3.1 Gen 1

  • USB-C to A cable included*1
  • Convenient and durable port size
  • High stability and transfer speed

AES256 Encryption

AES 256bit-XTS encryption keeps your data safe.

  • Max up to 76 digits
  • Nobody can access encrypted data without password
  • Enhanced security with random keypad
  • Works without installing any software
  • High speed through hardware-based encryption
  • Compatible with all operating systems

Bootable Virtual Drives

IODD's Virtual Drive feature is Legacy/UEFI

  • Easy to install and maintain various versions of OS
  • Up to 4 virtual drives can be used simultaneously
  • The drive's removable/fixed status can be set individually

Admin Mode

for multiple users

  • One IODD can be used by administrator*1 + user*4.
  • The administrator sets permissions for each user
  • Password change/write protection can be set individually for each user.
  • Windows-only program "Admin Manager" included


Stay safe

  • Keep all your data safe
  • When connected to a HOST PC, the protection can be activated immediately
  • Protection can be turned on or off with hot key button
  • Individual user write-protection setting


Use the perfect roaming OS

  • Win-to-Go feature allows you to use your Windows OS workspace on any PC
  • Can be used on IBM PCs as well as OSX bootcamps

Easy to use

  • TACT-switch helps the user to input accurately
  • built-in help
  • UI multi-language support
  • function hotkey


Various convenience functions

  • Built-in text viewer
  • admin manager application
  • VHD tools
  • S.M.A.R.T monitoring

AES256-XTS Encryption

Enhanced security
  • more advanced security algorithms
  • The password supports up to 76 digits (basic 38 digits + 2nd 38 digits)
  • Random keypad makes it safer to use
  • Enter the password accurately with the 12 Keys Tactile-Switch padlock
2nd Password

If the IODD device paired with the disk is changed with the 2nd password, security verification is attempted once more.

Advantages of the introduction of 2nd passwords

Completely blocks brute force attacks.


  • Max 76 Digits Password
  • Random keypad
  • Anti Brute-force
  • Admin Mode
  • Admin manager Windows APP

Duplicating dozens or thousands of encrypted drives is useless without a 2nd password.

For multi users

Admin mode(Built-in)/Admin manager(Windows APP)

Up to 5 people can access each IODD device with their own password.

One of them becomes an administrator and can manage the passwords and privileges of other users.

Permissions that the administrator can set for users

-disk writable/disabled

- User's password changeable/impossible

- User's password can be deleted/impossible

Bootable Virtual Drives

Just prepare ISO/VHd/IMA files.
  • OS installation/application installation/server maintenance
  • A CD/DVD/USB memory stick is required in various environments. IODD completely replaces them.
  1. Prepare ISO file only.
  2. Copy IODD.
  3. Mount with IODD.

It will act like a real media drive.

Make your work faster with mounted virtual drives

From OS installation to maintenance

Use the speed of USB 3.1gen1, which is much faster than the speed of optical media or USB memory sticks.

No more burning CDs/DVDs

  • One IODD can store dozens to hundreds of media.
  • It is very easy to manage the version of the installation disk.
  • Save time and money to burn CD/DVD
  • Remarkably faster installation speed than existing optical media
MAX 4 Virtual Drives
  • Implement 4 virtual drives at the same time.
  • Mount 1 ODD / 3 VHD at the same time.

Boot into a virtual drive in a native environment, work with the virtual drive, and install the OS on the virtual drive.

Reduce errors due to logical drive corruption or incorrect target drive assignments.

UEFI/Legacy Boot
  • From old PCs to modern PCs,
  • Both UEFI and Legacy methods are supported.

Install Legacy in virtual ODD mode through ISO file.

Install UEFI using virtual VHD setup depending on your situation.

The world's largest PC manufacturers use IODD as standard installation equipment.

ST series has a higher recognition rate.

More features

  • Admin Mode
  • Windows APP 'Admin Manager'
  • Write Protection
  • Keep password for 2 minutes
  • Multilingual UI support
  • Built-in help button
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Start-up Keys
  • S.M.A.R.T
  • Windows-to-go
  • V-volt Monitoring


  1. Bootable Virtual CD-ROM Drive.(DVD-ROM, Blu-ray)
    • There is no need to buy DVD-ROM and blank media for OS installation.
    • ISO (CD, DVD, Blu-ray) is supported.
  2. Bootable Virtual USB Drive and Flash Drive.
    • supports OS installation and Multi Booting. (and "Windows-To-Go")
    • *.VHD , *.VMDK and *.RMD (Virtual HDD), *.IMA (Virtual FDD) are supported.
    • Selectable Write Protection on each drive.
    • Selectable Fixed or Removable Function on each drive.
  3. Multi LUN
    • Max 3 VHD, 1 ODD and 1 real Drive at the same time.
  4. Display of minimum voltage(VBUS), drive temperature and health information ( 3 Key )
  5. hotkeys
    • Various start key and hotkey support.
  6. Other features
    • Write Protection
    • Safe removal
    • Save loading state
  7. Real-time AES 256-bit XTS Military Grade Encryption
    • Encryption is optional. you can use without encryption.
    • 4-38 digits password. 6 digits is enough for protecting your data.
    • Random keypad
    • Supports 1 master, 4 user passwords
      If your password is '1234', type '0' + '1234' at the password input screen.
      The '0' is the user number. Admin is '0'. User is '1' ~ '4'.
    • Specify write-protection, password change and deletion for each user.
  8. Text file viewer
    • UTF-16 (UCS-2) and ASCII code support
    • Some Asian codes are not supported
  9. Bitmap file viewer (experimental)
    • Supports under 128x160 size
    • 1-bit, 16-bit, 24-bit support


2 - moves cursor up.
8 - moves cursor down.
6, - Execution key.
  1. Mode Setting Device Configuration.
    5 - Toggles Write Protection On/Off. Icon is changed.
    6 - Toggles Fixed / Removable drive. Icon is changed.
    3 - moves selection up.
    9 - moves selection down.
    ---disabled--- The following devices are disabled.
    1. ODD - Virtual CD Drive. (*.iso)
    2. HDD - Real Drive.
    3. VHD - VHD Drive. (*.vhd, *.ima)
  2. AES256 encryption - Encryption settings. (Administrator Mode)
    When setting or deleting the Admin password, all disk data will be deleted, so back up necessary data
    1. Admin
      1. Set 2nd P.W. - Second password setup. Enter a 4 - 38 digit password to set. (You only need to set the administrator password once before setting it. The internal disk must not have a password set.)
      2. Set Password - Enter and set a 4-38 digit password to be used for the administrator password. (All data is deleted, but data is restored if released immediately after setting)
      3. Del password - Delete the password. (Delete all data)
      4. Chg password - Change the password.
    2. general user
      1. User1 - User4
        1. Set Password - Enter a 4-38 digit password to be used for the user password and set it.
        2. Del password - Delete the password.
        3. ☑Read-only - Write-protected.
        4. ☑User Change - User can change password.
        5. ☑User Delete - User can delete their own password.
      2. Save Users - Save user settings.
  3. AES256 encryption - Encryption settings. (User Mode)
    1. Chg Password - Change the password.
    2. Del Password - Delete the password.
  4. USB Control.
    1. Keep P.W. 2min - Maintain password for 2 minutes after power is turned off. No password input required when reconnecting.
    2. Write Protect - Write-Protection for All Drives.
    3. Refresh - Reconnect.
    4. Safe Removal - stop the spindle motor and go to power saving mode
  5. Information - Information
    1. S.M.A.R.T. - inform the following status of the internal Disk Drive
      1. HDD Health - Disk Drive Health
        • << Good >> - Clear
        • << Warning >> - Suggest to replace the drive.
        • << Bad >> - Need to replace the drive.
      2. HDD Model - Disk Drive Model
      3. HDD Serial - Disk Drive Serial
    2. Product Info - Product Info
      1. Firmware Ver - iODD's Firmeare Version
      2. USB Speed - Currently connected USB Speed
        • Full - speed - USB 1.1
        • Hi - speed - USB 2.0
        • Super - speed - USB 3.0
  6. Setting - Settings
    1. LCD Bright - adjusts LCD back-light brightness
    2. Screen Saver - If there is no input for 2 minutes, the screen saver will run. The LCD screen is darkened, and if it is encrypted, the screen is locked for security.
    3. Load Default - restores all settings to their default values
  7. Language - Set the language.
    1. English - English
    2. 한글 - Korean
    3. 简体中文 - Chinese
    4. 日本語 - Japanese
    5. Русский - Russian

Basic Functions

Supported Disk Patition

Multi Partitions can be used. There is no root folder name constraint. (_ISO)

Sample Folder Tree

This folder tree is an example.
Any file name and folder name are acceptable
├─ _ISO
│ │ Hiren’s BootCD 15.2.iso
│ │ ubuntu-14.04.4-desktop-amd64.iso
│ │ Windows 10.iso
│ │ Windows XP sp3.iso
│ │ (max 32 files or subfolders in a folder)
│ │
│ ├─IMA for Floppy
│ │ Bios updater.ima
│ │ MS-DOS 6.0.ima
│ │ Symantec Ghost.ima
│ │
│ ├─RMD Files
│ │ Win 7Ent_x86_x64+8.1Pro+10Pro vol2.RMD
│ │ Win7_Ult_SP1_Russian_x64.RMD
│ │ Windows 10.RMD
│ │
│ └─VHD Files
│ │ linuxmint-17.3-cinnamon-32bit.vhd
│ │ Windows 10 Win2Go.vhd
│ │ Windows 7 OS Booting.vhd
│ │
│ └─Nested Subfolders is allowed
├─Your Folder 01
├─Your Folder 02
├─Your Folder 99
│ Your files 01.txt
│ Your files 02.txt
│ Your files 99.txt

Key Defines

  1. Browsing
    • 2 / 8 - Up/Down Selection Point.
    • 6, - Select a file or Enter to a folder.
    • 4 - Go to parent folder.
  2. Menu
    • - Enter to Menu. (or Exit).
  3. HotKeys - Press Key Once
    • 1 - Rescan root folder.
    • 3 - Display VBUS minimum voltage, disk drive temperature and health information.
    • 5 - View file information.
    • 7 - Eject the latest virtual hard drive or virtual CD.
      Display full filename, size and fragmentation of the current file.
    • 9 - Save Loading Status.
    • 0 - View Help.
      Display informations of current menu or error message.
  4. HotKeys - Press long ( for 3 seconds )
    • 1 - Reconnected.
    • 3 - Reconnected with Write-Protection.
    • 4 - View Partition list. Default partition can be selected.
    • 7 - Reconnected with all virtual drives detached.
    • 9 - USB connection is detached with sleep mode.
    • 0 - Reconnected with temporarily Write Protection disabled.
  5. Startup Key - Start with pressing a key.
    • 1 - Reset to factory settings.
    • 3 - Start with Write Protection.
    • 5 - Start without connecting to PC.
      Finish all settings and reconnect or disconnect.
    • 7 - Start with all virtual drive unmounted.
    • - Enter to menu without connecting to PC
      Finish all settings and reconnect or disconnect.
    • 0 - Displays startup key information without connecting to PC.
      Press and hold the corresponding startup key to reconnect with that function.
      Pressing any other key will reconnect without the startup key function.

Save Status and Disconnect

Loading state is saved.
Enter Sleep Mode.
  • 9 Press long for 3 seconds

Selecting a file

In order to maintain loading state, you must save the state.

Safely Removal In OS

If iODD's partition is NTFS, then this function is mandatory when disconnecting iODD from host.
NTFS does not write Immediately the data to HDD.


  • Initialize the drive with (wken:MBR) or (wken:GPT).
  • Format any partition to use with (NTFS | EXFAT | FAT32).
    In FAT32 partition, there is 4G byte file size limitation. please use that carefully.
    The Partition may not be first partition.
  • Copy files or folders to Iodd.
  • safely remove ioddMini. ( very Important if NTFS). (safely remove).
  • Reconnect Iodd.
  • If the screen is not matched what you copyed, Press 4 for 3 seconds.
    You can select the default partition.


Follow these steps until the error is clear.
  1. If your password is '1234', type '0' + '1234' at the password input screen.
    The '0' is the user number. Admin is '0'. User is '1' ~ '4'
  2. press 7 and hold. and then connect to PC.
  3. press 1 and hold. and then connect to PC.
  4. Check Disk. ( for Windows)
  5. Update with the latest firmware.
  6. Backup the data of iodd, and Do Initialization
If It is hardware problem
  1. Reboot the PC
  2. Change USB cable
  3. Connect to another PC.
  4. Connect to the PC with pressing 9 and enter for 7 seconds.
    and will refresh with the same firmware.

Configure Multi Device

  1. Enter to Menu -> Mode Setting.
  2. Refer to #Menu
  3. You can configure max 5 device individually.

Using a Virtual CD Drive (DVD-ROM or Blu-ray ROM)

  1. A ODD device is needed. ( Configure Multi Device )
  2. copy ISO files to ioddMini. (root or subfolder)
  3. Safely Remove. (Required for NTFS )
  4. Reconnect.
  5. select the file.
  6. If you want to save loading status, press <colde>9</code>.
  7. If PC doesn't find boot device, then reboot the PC. (Ctrl-Alt-Del)

Booting Error

  • Confirm whether the ISO file is bootable.
  • If your PC does not support multi LUN, please configure only one drive.
  • Confirm whether the ISO file is bootable.
  • Although it is bootable ISO file, please confirm whether the result with a real USB DVD-ROM is same.
  • Try with USB Y-CABLE for adding external power. (ioddMini is a class of BUS powered USB device.
  • If your laptop has own internal DVD-ROM, disable internal DVD-ROM at BIOS settings. or remove it.
  • The older OS than motherboard may not have an appropriate driver to boot.
    • ex) It is impossible to install a genuine Windows 7 on Skylake platform using USB DVD-ROM device.

Using a Virtual VHD drive (Virtual Hard Disk)

  • At least one VHD device is needed. ( Configure Multi Device )
  • Fixed-size VHD file only is supported. (dynamic VHD and VHDx files are not supported)
  • Also fixed VMDK file is supported.
  • Create VHD files directly to iODD by "VHD Tool++". ("VHD Tool++" can creates a file without fragment)
    Or You can copy VHD file to ioddMini directly. But the file must be unfragmented.
  • Max 3 VHD Drives are supported at the same time.
  1. create a VHD file using this tool. (VHD Tool++).
  2. Reconnect.
  3. select the file.
  4. If you want to save loading status, press <colde>9</code>.
  5. Make an image to the VHD drive of ioddMini with image tool.

Using a Virtual USB Floppy Drive (Virtual FDD)

  • Not all computers support this drive.
  • Uncompressed floppy images (IMA, IMG, BIF, VFD) are supported.
  • IMG, BIF, VFD image file extension must be renamed to IMA.
  • Almost the same as the above method.


  1. External Interface - USB 3.1 C Type Gen 1 (MAX 5G bps)
  2. Internal Interface - SATA I / II / III (Backward Compatible)
  3. 2.5 Inch SATA HDD or SSD
  4. 12 tact switches.
  5. LCD - Color 128 * 160 dots.
  6. Material - Plastic.
Manufacturer: IODD
SKU: ioddST400
GTIN: 8809419400232
Shipping weight‍: 0,60 kg
Item weight‍: 0,20 kg
Encryption‍: AES256-XTS Max. 38*2(76) Digits
Display‍: 128x160 TFT LCD
Control interface‍: Tact-Switch (12 Keys)
Dimensions‍: 80 (width) × 140 (length) × 14 (height) mm
Weight‍: 90g (without SSD/HDD)
Material‍: Plastic, acrylic
External interface‍: USB Type C (USB 3.1 Gen 1) * 1
Power consumption‍: DC +5V USB power
Supported files‍: ISO/VHD/RMD/VMDK/IMA
OS‍: Win 7 and higher, OSX 10 and higher
Supported drive‍: 2,5 Inch SSD/HDD (7 mm or less)
Internal interface‍: SATA2/SATA3 (backward compatible) * 1
TRIM/UAS-Function‍: Not supported.

● AES256-XTS BLOB encryption (up to 78 digits)
● Bootable virtual ODD (CD/DVD/other).
● Bootable virtual HDD and USB drive
● Administrator mode / Text viewer (ASCii,USC-2(UTF-16)) / Windows-To-Go / Write protect / Remove security / Multilingual UI / Built-in help key / Hotkey / OTG


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Ein wirklich erstklassiges Gadget. Habe das Gehäuse erst mit einer alten 500 GB HDD genutzt und war so begeistert, dass ich die HDD inzwischen durch eine SSD ersetzt habe.

Das Einbinden von ISOs und VHDs funktioniert 1a. Schnell mal eine neue Linux Distribution testen oder das Windows-Installationsmedium auf den aktuellen Stand bringen? Kein Problem. Einfach auf die Platte kopieren und schon kann das Image eingebunden werden. Ich bin wirklich absolut begeistert von dem Teil und würde es immer wieder kaufen.

Fazit: ein Must-Have, wenn man viel mit ISO oder VHD-Dateien hantiert.

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