IODD ST400 USB 3.0 External encrypted SSD incl. SSD 2 TB

249,00 €
incl. 19% VAT , Free shipping to DE AT . shipping costs
  • 2 TB SSD included
  • Up to a maximum of 4 bootable virtual drives
  • USB-C
  • AES256bit XTS encryption
  • Write protection
  • Compatible with Windows-to-go
  • Admin mode

  • Storage capacity 

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IODD ST400 USB 3.0 External encrypted SSD incl. SSD 2 TB
249,00 €
incl. 19% VAT , Free shipping to DE AT . shipping costs
  • 2 TB SSD included
  • Up to a maximum of 4 bootable virtual drives
  • USB-C
  • AES256bit XTS encryption
  • Write protection
  • Compatible with Windows-to-go
  • Admin mode

ST400 incl. 2TB SSD

USB Type C

USB 3.1 Generation 1

  • Includes a USB-C to USB-A cable*1
  • Compact and robust connection
  • Excellent stability and fast data transfer

AES256 Encryption

AES 256-bit XTS encryption protects your data.

  • Supports passwords of up to 76 characters
  • Encrypted data accessible only with a password
  • Enhanced security with a random keyboard layout
  • No need for additional software installation
  • Fast data transfer through hardware-based encryption
  • Compatible with all operating systems

Bootable Virtual Drives

IODD's virtual drive is compatible with both Legacy and UEFI systems.

  • Easy setup and maintenance of various operating systems
  • Up to 4 virtual drives can be operated simultaneously
  • Drive status (removable/fixed) can be customized

Admin Mode

for multiple users

  • An IODD can be used by one administrator and four users.
  • The administrator sets permissions for each user.
  • Password changes and write protection can be individually set for each user.
  • Includes the Windows-only program "Admin Manager".

Write Protection

Stay Protected

  • Keep all your data securely stored
  • Protection can be immediately activated when connected to a host PC
  • Protection can be toggled on or off with a hotkey
  • Customizable write protection settings for users


Use the perfect roaming operating system

  • With the Win-to-Go feature, you can utilize your Windows workspace on any PC.
  • Compatible with both IBM PCs and OSX Bootcamps.

Easy to Use

  • TACT-Switch technology aids user operation.
  • Integrated help feature
  • Multilingual UI support
  • Functional hotkeys


Various Convenience Features

  • Built-in text viewer
  • Admin Manager application
  • VHD tools
  • S.M.A.R.T monitoring

AES256-XTS Encryption Enhanced Security

  • Advanced security algorithms
  • Password can include up to 76 digits (38 base digits + 2 × 38 digits)
  • Random keyboard layout enhances security
  • Precise password entry via a 12-button tactile switch padlock

Second Password

  • When changed through a second password linked with the IODD device, security checks are reinitiated.
  • Benefits of implementing a second password
  • Completely blocks brute-force attacks.

Security 2.0

  • Password up to 76 digits
  • Random keypad
  • Anti brute-force protection
  • Admin mode
  • Admin Manager - Windows app

Duplicating dozens or thousands of encrypted drives is futile without a second password.

For multiple users:

  • Admin mode (integrated)/Admin Manager (Windows app): Up to 5 individuals can access each IODD device with their own passwords.
  • One of them is designated as the administrator who can manage the passwords and permissions of other users.
  • Permissions that the administrator can set for users.

Bootable Virtual Drives

Easily prepare ISO/VHD/IMA files.

Operating System Installation / Application Installation / Server Maintenance

A CD/DVD/USB flash drive is required in various environments. IODD completely replaces these.

  • Simply prepare the ISO file.

  • Copy it to your IODD.

  • Mount the file with IODD.

  • It then behaves like a real media drive.

  • Speed up your tasks with mounted virtual drives, from OS installation to maintenance.

  • Utilize the speed of USB 3.1 Gen 1, which is much faster than optical media or USB flash drives.

No More Burning CDs/DVDs

  • An IODD can store dozens to hundreds of media files.
  • Managing versions of installation media is very simple.
  • Save time and money on burning CDs/DVDs.
  • Significantly faster installation speeds than existing optical media.

MAX 4 Lecteurs Virtuels

Implémentez 4 lecteurs virtuels simultanément.

  • Montez simultanément 1 ODD et 3 VHDs.
  • Démarrez dans un lecteur virtuel dans un environnement natif, travaillez avec le lecteur virtuel et installez des systèmes d'exploitation dessus.
  • Réduisez les erreurs dues à des lecteurs logiques endommagés ou à des affectations incorrectes de lecteurs cibles.

UEFI/Legacy Boot

Des anciens aux modernes PC, les méthodes de démarrage UEFI et Legacy sont prises en charge.

  • Installez en mode Legacy via un fichier ISO en mode ODD virtuel.
  • Installez UEFI selon la situation avec un VHD virtuel.

Additional Features


  • Admin mode
  • Windows app - Admin Manager
  • Write protection
  • Retain password for 2 minutes


  • Multilingual UI support
  • Built-in help button
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Startup keys

Fonctions Utiles

  • Surveillance S.M.A.R.T
  • Windows-to-go
  • Suivi V-volt
Manufacturer: IODD
SKU: ioddST400inkl-2TB
GTIN: 0889641000101
Shipping weight‍: 0,60 kg
Item weight‍: 0,20 kg
Built-in SSD‍: 2TB
Encryption‍: AES256-XTS Max. 38*2(76) Digits
Display‍: 128x160 TFT LCD
Control interface‍: Tact-Switch (12 Keys)
Dimensions‍: 80 (width) × 140 (length) × 14 (height) mm
Weight‍: 90g (without SSD/HDD)
Material‍: Plastic, acrylic
External interface‍: USB Type C (USB 3.1 Gen 1) * 1
Power consumption‍: DC +5V USB power
Supported files‍: ISO/VHD/RMD/VMDK/IMA
OS‍: Win 7 and higher, OSX 10 and higher
Supported drive‍: 2,5 Inch SSD/HDD (7 mm or less)
Internal interface‍: SATA2/SATA3 (backward compatible) * 1
TRIM/UAS-Function‍: Not supported.

● AES256-XTS BLOB encryption (up to 78 digits)
● Bootable virtual ODD (CD/DVD/other).
● Bootable virtual HDD and USB drive
● Administrator mode / Text viewer (ASCii,USC-2(UTF-16)) / Windows-To-Go / Write protect / Remove security / Multilingual UI / Built-in help key / Hotkey / OTG


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