IODD 2541 USB 3.0 external encrypted HDD/SSD Enclosure

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  • secure iodd
  • 2.5′ HDD Enclosure
  • USB 3.0/2.0/1.1
  • Virtual ODD/HDD Function
  • MAX 4 VHD Mount
  • 2.5 S-ATA SSD/HDD
  • Write blocker (forensic)
  • Windows-To-Go
  • HDD Tools (Bundle ver)
Currently out of stock

Use of the hard drive case

For on-the-go use and safe transportation, this external hard drive case with password protection is the ideal choice for you.

This aluminum model is perfect for people in IT who need to install operating systems from an external hard drive,

The hard drives are protected against dust and dirt and are passively cooled. 


Connections of the IODD 2541 

The 2.5-inch hard drive enclosure has a USB 3.0 port.

Therefore, a very good dataütransfer rate is achieved with a speed of up to 5 GB per second.

Alternatively, the USB port is also compatible with USB 2.0 downstream.

The case has good power management, so no separate power supply is needed to power it.



The external SSD enclosure can be used as an optical drive (English ODD) and is suitable for booting by selecting an ISO file.

In addition to functioning as a bootable virtual hard drive, it can also be used as a physical CD/DVD/Bluray drive.

Write protection can be enabled with one click and the case can be password protected.


Specifications and scope of delivery

The Gehäuse is compatible with all Windows versions from Windows 2000 onwardsärts, Linux 2.6 and MAC OSX 10.0 and newer versions.

The IODD-2541 includes a plug and play feature and can be used without any additional driver.

Included in the package are the IODD-2541 hard drive enclosure, a luxury carrying case, a USB 3.0 cable, screws and screwdriver, and a Quick Guide.



The external hard drive can be changed even though these hard drives are backed up.
We design it so that each hard drive is assigned an individual password so that the user can connect another hard drive to the device.
Whenever it is connected to the PC, it will ask for the password of the external hard drive.
If the deviceät does not work, the user just send the device except the external backed up hard drive.

IODD'S Faster access üover IODD HDD.
An optical drive often accesses data slowly and must ühave a physical medium to access it.
IODD uses virtual HDD.

IODD-2541 supports a 2.5-inch S-ATA hard disk and SSD,
and under Windows, Mac OSX you can even Linux. 
You can use encrypted and unencrypted drive without operation.

With USB3.0, Übtragungsraten of up to 5 Gbps are supported 
That s more than 10 times faster than the 480 Mbps of the existing USB 2.0

IODD-2541 is compatible with Windows to Go. which makes it possible to boot on any PC

Windows to Go with encryption can improve portability, security and protection.
If you have IODD-2541 at home and at work, you can boot the same operating system in both places with one hard disk.
You can also dual-boot or multi-OS with multiple HDDs.



Hardware-based encryption. Up to 16 digits. No degradation of data speed


ISO file mount

Mount an ISO file to replace your ODD - Bootfähig. Replace your Optical Drive with USB 3.0 at speeds up to 250 MB/s.



All functions canöt be used in all operating systems. Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Smart TV, OTG


Superfast USB 3.0

Highest transfer speed of 300 MB/s. Use USB 3.0 Micro-B type.

Manufacturer: IODD
SKU: iodd2541
GTIN: 8809419404100
Verschlüsselung‍: AES256bit-xts H/W-basierte 16-stellige Verschlüsselung
Display‍: 128 x 32 LCD
Steuerungs-Schnittstelle‍: mTouch Capacitive Sensing
Abmessungen‍: 146mm x 80.8mm x 14mm (LxWxH)
Material‍: Aluminiumlegierung, Polycarbonat, Acryl
Externe Schnittstelle‍: USB 3.0 / USB 2.0 / USB 1.1
Leistungsaufnahme‍: DC +5V USB-Leistung
Unterstützte Dateien‍: ISO / VHD / VMDK / DSK / RMD / IMA
OS‍: Windows XP oder höher / MAC OSX oder höher / Linux
Farbe‍: Schwarz
Hersteller‍: IODD co,.Ltd.

IODD 2431 x1
USB 3.0-Kabel vom Typ Micro-b x2
Schutzfolie x1
Etui x1
Schraubendreher-Satz x1
Gewährleistungskarte x1

Unterstütztes Laufwerk‍‍:

2,5-Zoll-HDD und SSD
Verschlüsseltes Laufwerk und Gemeinsames Laufwerk
(Die Dicke beträgt 9,5 mm)

Interne Schnittstelle‍: SATA I/II/III (kompatibel)


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